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LAs418 - Double Bass Reflex Subwoofer
  • Dual very long excursion 18" bass reflex design
  • Optionally arrayable
  • High maximum pressure
  • High dynamic and extended response
  • Large ports areas for reduced distortion
  • Type: Passive Very High Power Reflex Subwoofer
  • Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 28Hz - 250Hz
  • LF Extension (-10dB): 24HZ
  • Maximum SPL: 143.8dB/149.8dB (Half-space)
  • Power (Pgm/Peak): 6000W/12000W (10ms)

Housing two long excursion and very high power 18" drivers, this Subwoofer has been designed to offer ultra-low frequencies at a very high SPL delivering magnificent precision and punch at incredible pressure levels.

The cabinet volume with optimized port tuning - featuring extremely high peak-to peak excursion capability - is capable of delivering true sub performance down to 24Hz at -10dB. Providing low frequency resolution and a maximum SPL of 143.8dB in a 94kg, front loaded, bass reflex enclosure and measuring 516mm x 920mm x 1030mm (HxDxW), the new subwoofer version incorporates eight handles and a rigging system.

Housed within a multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure and finished in textured black semi-matte coating, the LAs418 can be deployed in either standard or cardioid configuration using the parallel wired Neutrik NL4 conector on the front of the Subwoofer.

The 2x4ohm LAs418 version has been designed to be driven by Powersoft X series (X4 or X8). This new version presents an increase of 4dB of SPL when it is driven by the Powersoft X Line amplifier while compared with MA6000 driving the normal version, the LAs418.

Technical Data
  • Speaker Type:
  • Passive Very High Power Reflex Subwoofer
Acoustical Data
  • Frequency Response (-6dB):
  • 28Hz - 250Hz
  • Low Frequency Extension (-10dB):
  • 24HZ
  • Sensitivity (1W@1m):
  • 109dB (Half-space)
  • Calculated Max. SPL (Cont/Peak):
  • 143.8dB/149.8dB (Half-space)
  • Loudspeakers:
  • 2 x 18" (460mm)/4.5" (116mm) VC, very high excursion, B&C custom speaker
Electrical Data
  • Program/Peak Power:
  • 6000W/12000W (10ms)
  • Nominal Impedance:
  • 2 x 8Ω (also available: 2 x 4Ω)
  • Recommended Amplifier:
  • Recommended Amplifier:
  • MA3800, MA6000, MD14000
  • Crossover frequency/Type:
  • 80Hz to 180Hz / 24dB/oct Linkwitz/Riley (recommended)
  • Recommended High-Pass Filter:
  • 28Hz, 18dB/oct Butterworth
  • Connectors:
  • 2 x Neutrik NL4 on back 1 Neutrik NL4 on front, parallel wired
  • Construction:
  • Heavily braced, 18mm multi-laminate birch ply
  • Finish:
  • Textured black semi-matte coating
  • Protective grill:
  • Black perforated steel
  • Fittings:
  • 16 x M8 threaded inserts for optional wheel kit, 20 x M8 threaded inserts for optional rigging system, 8 replaceable feet
  • Handles:
  • 4 on each side
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):
  • 1030 x 516 x 920mm (40.55 x 20.31 x 36.22in)
  • Net Weight:
  • 94kg (207.2lb)
  • Shipping Weight:
  • 98.8kg (217.8lb)
General LA Series Accessories
  • NEXT Lock Pin for flying System
  • NEXT 100mm Wheel (Black swivel Castor with blue wheel)
  • NEXT Flight-Case for cable Kits
  • NEXT Flight-Case, Sliding-Rack 19" 6UN
  • NEXT Flight-Case, Sliding-Rack 19" 8UN
  • NEXT Flight-Case, Sliding-Rack 19" 10UN
  • NEXT Flight-Case, Sliding-Rack 19" 12UN
  • NEXT Flight-Case, Sliding-Rack 19" 14UN
LAs418 Accessories
  • NEXT Individual Cover for LAs418 (to use with Wheel Kit)
  • NEXT Dolly for (till) 3 x LAs418
  • NEXT Cover for 2 x LAs418 (to use with Dolly)
  • NEXT Cover for 3 x LAs418 (to use with Dolly)
  • NEXT Wheel Kit LAS418