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LAm115 - Bi-Amp/Full-Range Stage Monitor
  • Very high SPL and discreet low profile
  • 15" LF neodymium speaker, 1.4" neodymium HF driver
  • Optimized tailored dispersion HF waveguide
  • Switchable Full-Range/Bi-Amp Operation
  • Left and right versions available
  • Type: Full-Range/Bi-Amp Tailored Dispersion Stage Monitor
  • Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 58Hz - 18.000Hz
  • Calculated Max. SPL (Cont/Peak) FR: 135dB/141dB (Half-Space)
  • Dispersion (HxV): 60° to 100° x 60° Tailored dispersion technology
  • Power (Pgm/Peak): 1000W/2000W
The NEXT LAm115 is a compact, high performance 2-Way stage monitor combining high output and controlled dispersion with a discreet low height cabinet. It features a custom 15" LF ultra-long excursion high power driver and a 75mm (3") diaphragm neodymium HF compression driver on an asymmetric dispersion horn.

The optimized constant directivity asymmetrical dispersion HF horn offers a realistic artist listening, with constant SPL and consistent frequency response, inside an area starting directly above the cabinet and reaching quite far upstage, enabling the performer to move around more freely. The result is a loudspeaker system with remarkable vocal presence, clarity and neutral, balanced sound.

Operated in active mode, these monitors are best used with the NEXT proprietary, DSP based, audio signal processor to provide the most appropriate crossover, limiting and EQ settings.

The LAm115 enclosure is constructed from 12 layers Birch plywood and is fitted with flush handles, recessed Speakon connector plates on The back panel and wrap-around perforated steel grille. Finished in black semi-matt impact resistant textured paint.
Technical Data
  • Speaker Type:
  • Full-Range/Bi-Amp Tailored Dispersion Stage Monitor
Acoustical Data
  • Frequency Response (-6dB):
  • 58Hz - 18.000Hz
  • Low Frequency Extension (-10dB):
  • 52Hz
  • Sensitivity (1W@1m) FR:
  • 102dB (Half-Space)
  • Sensitivity (1W@1m) LF:
  • 103dB (Half-Space)
  • Sensitivity (1W@1m) HF:
  • 110dB (Full-Space)
  • Calculated Max. SPL (Cont/Peak) FR:
  • 135dB/141dB (Half-Space)
  • Calculated Max. SPL (Cont/Peak) LF:
  • 136dB/142dB (Half-Space)
  • Calculated Max. SPL (Cont/Peak) HF:
  • 133dB/139dB (Full-Space)
  • Coverage Angle -6dB (HxV):
  • 60° to 100° x 60° Tailored dispersion technology
  • Low Frequency:
  • 1 x 15" (380mm)/4" (100mm) VC, long excursion B&C custom speaker
  • High Frequency:
  • 1 x 1.4" (36mm) exit/3" (75mm) VC, custom compression driver
Electrical Data
  • Program/Peak Power FR:
  • 1000W/2000W
  • Program/Peak Power LF:
  • 2000W/4000W
  • Program/Peak Power HF:
  • 230W/460W
  • Nominal Impedance FR:
  • Nominal Impedance LF:
  • Nominal Impedance HF:
  • Recommended Amplifier:
  • MA3200 / MA2300
  • Crossover frequency/Type:
  • 1250Hz/asymetrical (internal) or 1250Hz/24dB/oct Linkwitz/Riley (external)
  • Recommended High-Pass Filter:
  • 44Hz, 18dB/oct Butterworth
  • Connectors:
  • 2 x Neutrik NL4 parallel wired
  • Construction:
  • 15mm multi-laminate birch ply
  • Monitor Angle:
  • 50°
  • Finish:
  • Textured black semi-matte coating
  • Protective grill:
  • Black perforated steel
  • Handles:
  • 1 on each side
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):
  • 746 x 385 x 532mm (29.37 x 15.16 x 20.94in)
  • Net Weight:
  • 30.8kg (67.9lb)
  • Shipping Weight:
  • 33.3kg (73.4lb)
LAm115 Accessories
  • GF11198
    NEXT Flight-Case for 2 x LAm115